Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today I Started a Blog

As I was walking home from work yesterday, the idea hit me that I should start a blog about saving money.  Let's face it...this is a hot topic right now.  Americans everywhere are looking for any and every way to save a few bucks, and I am certainly no exception.  My personal goal is to try at least one thing each day to save and/or make some money.

A little about me...I am a female library assistant in her 20s and the mother of a 3-year-old girl.  My husband of not even 3 years moved out of our recently purchased home a couple months ago, and he has no current plans to return, so I have become even more obsessed than usual about saving money.

So here is my very first post.  Today, I started a blog to save money.  Now I have a couple reasons why I think this will save me money.  First of all, it will give me the motivation I need to do something new every day to save money.  I will feel obligated to my followers (sounds like a cult, LOL) to post something new each day.  Second, I am hoping to get some comments and tips from people that read my blog.  I get so many suggestions from other people that really help me, so I am hoping that this can be a way for us to collaborate together and get some fresh ideas.  Please feel free to post comments and add your own suggestions.

One last thing...ideas that I post, whether I come up with them myself or hear them from a friend, are ones that I personally put to the test.  I don't want to give you a laundry list of meaningless tips without any knowledge as to whether they actually work.  I want to tell you what I have tried, whether it worked for me or not, and whether I think it will work for you.  I hope you enjoy my stories!!

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